*Due to increasing prices of fuel, a Fuel-Fee may apply to drive time sessions.

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Thank you for choosing our company New Beginnings Driver’s School. We are a family friendly, CHRIST based company and training provider. We offer an array of classes that we hope will suit people of every age. As a company, we strive to create a positive environment where students feel safe and are pushed to succeed. Our instructors will  inspire, encourage, and instill knowledge in each student that goes above and beyond basic information. Thank you for your investment into our company and for making us a growing industry in our community.

Please don’t hesitate to call to register or ask any questions! You can reach us at: 580-760-0272.

Drivers Ed Class - $400

The best we way to learn, prepare and pass the driver's education tests. Get road-ready!

1-on-1 Test Prep - $100

Still need some help? Contact us to get up to one hour of 1-on-1 test prep on the areas you need most!

Drivers Ed

To get started, call us at 580-760-0272 or 580-760-0330.  We will need to get your personal information and you should start getting the following information together in preparation for the state exam: Students Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and Approved Absence Form (form that your school will provide stating you are enrolled in school). The student will attend a 10 hour classroom session, usually on a Saturday. Students will be provided with everything they need to prepare for the state exam.  We do offer additional drive hours at the request of the student. The price per hour is $100.00.  This is available if our schedule allows, please contact the office for more details for scheduling! 


Minimum age for Driver’s Education through this school is 15 (fifteen) years of age, and you must be fifteen and a half to get your permit in Oklahoma.

Cost of the Driver’s Education Class is $ 400.00, with a $50 deposit due to secure your spot in the class. For students who are Indian or have contact with D.H.S. (Department of Human Services), these agencies sometimes will reimburse the student with the full or partial amount of the class. We accept payments via check, cashier’s check, and money orders.  Starting after Feburary 1st 2021 students will need to bring a sack lunch or $7.00 for pizza.  

  Primarily, the base groups of people who take our driver’s education class are students from public school who can’t get into their school program, students from private schools where driver’s education is not offered, students who are home schooled or had to get their G.E.D. for some reason and students who do not have 80 hours to do the parent taught program.

After finishing the classroom part of Driver’s Education, students who are 15 1/2 years of age are eligible to take the state exam for their permit (without having completed Driver’s Education). After passing the permit exam, students will be able to drive a vehicle for 6 months with a licensed driver in the front seat who is 21 years of age or older. After this 6 month time period & finishing the 6 hours of drive time, students will go back and take the driving part of the test where they will show the examiner they can perform basic maneuvers with the automobile.

Please note that the 6 hours of drive time is your responsibility to call and schedule. It is our school policy that if the student does not complete their 6 hours of drive time within a year of completing the 10 hours of in-class time, then the student will be required to pay for the drive time at our hourly rate.*

*Due to increasing prices of fuel, a Fuel-Fee may apply to drive time sessions.

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