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2021 Class Dates

Here is the list of class dates for this year. While our new website is being completed, please call us at 580-760-0272.


July 17th (Sat) 8 a.m. 
August 7th (Sat) 8 a.m.
September 4th (Sat) 8 a.m.
October 2nd (Sat) 8 a.m. 
November 6th (Sat) 8 a.m.
December 4th (Sat) 8 a.m.


July 10th (Sat) 8 a.m. 

August 14th  (Sat) 8.a.m.

September 11th  (Sat) 8 a.m. 

October 9th (Sat) 8 a.m. 

November 13th  (Sat) 8 a.m.

December 11th (Sat) 8 a.m.

*You must be enrolled in a class to receive updates on any class changes.

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